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Attention Web Courses Users: Sign in to web courses using your NID account. You have to provide your email address which might already signed in to enroll in MFA using the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device. If you are looking for more information and troubleshooting click here.

ERP Maintenance: Some PeopleSoft production ERP systems will be unavailable on the following given dates due to they have scheduled the maintenance. The maintenance time period will used so they can apply updates to the ERP system to meet security, regulatory, and compliance obligations.

The schedule is given below:

Saturday, November 4 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Sunday, November 19 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

myUCF Portal: 

The myUCF portal is an online student no.1 resource for all the personal records of the students such as academic records, history, and financial aid information. You can use the portal at any place at any time. The myUSF portal offers the following services such as:

  • You have to find any of the courses and enroll in the course.
  • Provide all your contact information
  • Check your financial aid
  • Pay your tuition fee
  • You can check your progress towards graduation with myKnightAudit
  • Find your graduation final grades at the end of each semester
  • Manage your account Holds and To-Dos
  • Request official transcripts


NOV 22

Thanksgiving Wednesday

  • FALL

Classes not held – Offices still open – Student Holiday Only

Classes End; Last Day to Remove Incomplete

  • FALL
Grade Forgiveness Deadline on myUCF (ends at 11:59 p.m.)

  • FALL
DEC 4 – 9
Final Examination Period

  • FALL
DEC 13
Grades Due in myUCF (at 12 p.m.)

  • FALL
DEC 15
Degree Conferral Date

  • FALL

Where Can I Access myUCF?

The myUCF portal can be available for you on a number of devices if you have a strong internet connection.

On a Computer

  1. search
  2. Then you have to click on the Sign on the button at the top left of the page to create an account
  3. Log in with your NID and NID password.

On a Mobile Device

  1. Search in your mobile browser.
  2. Log in with your NID and NID password.


  • Anthropology, BA
  • Career and Technical Education, BS
  • Communication and Conflict, BA
  • Criminal Justice, BA/BS
  • Emergency Management, BA/BS
  • English – Creative Writing, BA
  • English – Literature, BA
  • English – Technical Communication, BA
  • Exceptional Student Education – Learning & Language, BS
  • Health Informatics and Information Management, BS
  • Health Services Administration, BS
  • History, BA
  • Hospitality Management, BS
  • Integrative General Studies, BGS
  • Interdisciplinary Studies – Diversity Studies Leadership Track, BA
  • Interdisciplinary Studies, BA/BS
  • International and Global Studies, BA
  • Latin American, Caribbean and Latinx Studies, BA
  • Legal Studies, BA/BS
  • Lifestyle Community Management, BS
  • Lodging and Restaurant Management, BS
  • Nonprofit Management, BA/BS
  • Nursing, BS
  • Political Science, BA
  • Psychology, BS
  • Public Administration, BA/BS
  • Religion and Cultural Studies, BA
  • Social Sciences, BS
  • Sociology, BA/BS
  • Writing and Rhetoric, BA

So if you want to get access to More options on myUCF then you have to creat an account and then a number of options will be available for you and you find a number of details about yourself if you are enrolled in the unieversity.

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