Xcadnetwork.com Review

Xcadnetwork.com Review

XCAD Network is a global platform harnessing the power and value of Content Creator audiences via Creator tokenization. There are a number of platforms that are available for people who are looking to earn money online. Some of the methods are valid and you have a chance to earn money from these sites. XCAD Network delivers an online and mobile creator tokenization platform and NFT marketplace for YouTubers and their fans, you can use fan tokens so they can increase the engagement and connection between the fans and creators.

You will get to know more about the Xcadnetwork. Most of the people are already using the platform and here they also share the review of the site and you can read the reviews and find out more about the site’s performance and liability. Read the article below and find out more about Xcadnetwork.com Review.

Xcadnetwork.com Review Details: 

Website: xcadnetwork.com
Redirecting from website: www.xcademytoken.com
Title: Home – XCAD Network
Description: XCAD Network is a platform harnessing the value of Content Creator audiences via tokenization. Join the #Watch2Earn Community!
Domain age: 2 years from now
Website Speed: Very Fast
SSL certificate valid: valid
SSL type: Low – Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL)
SSL issuer: Google Trust Services LLC
WHOIS registration date: 2021-04-06
WHOIS last update date: 2023-04-07
WHOIS renewal date: 2025-04-06
Tags: Industry – Media – Movies, Language – English

About XCAD Network

Furthering monetization & viewer loyalty for Creators:

  • They offer creators to make their own tokens to reward viers and provide further monetization.
  • After reaching a certain point creators are eligible to unlock their creator tokens.
  • By using these tokens you have a chance to increase the watch time
  • Incentivize viewers to hold Creator tokens so they can offer a number of opportunities based on the connections such as merch, exclusive NFTs & voting rights on upcoming content

Without changing their user experience:

  • From this platform, creators can earn creator tokens from the YouTube platform
  • The viewers will get trade creator tokens, so they will get more tokens from high-prospect creators
  • The audience can gamble content creator tokens on this platform and so they can earn a number of rewards from these by watching the content.
  • You can use these creator tokens to create connection services such as purchasing merchandise, social follow-backs, video shout-outs, exclusive content, and much more
  • ideas & other key decisions involving their channel audience who have a creator token can also vote on a creator’s future content, video

Creator NFT Marketplace:

  • Creators can stamp different NFTs
  • Creators are eligible to sell their audience through Fiat on ramps as the audience doesn’t have any knowledge of crypto.
  • There will be a number of NFTs available for you if you have a creator tokens
  • The content creator is eligible to trade their NFTs.
  • The user who has NFTs can unlock exclusive content

NFT Moments Packs:

  • Xcadmey announced a further revolution in NFTs for the creator through its moment’s concepts
  • The audience can buy the NFTs packs in which they will get a variety of creator moments from videos, with more iconic moments being more scarce & super-fan collector items. In those moments it might be of bronze, silver, gold & rare types of NFT moments.

xcadnetwork.com is very likely not a scam but a legit and reliable

On our algorithm about the Xcadnetwork, the review score is relatively high. The score that we gave to the site is based on the data that we have collected about the site from different internet such as the country in which the website is most used and hosted and if they have an SSL certificate and reviews that they have on their own website.

After checking the number of reviews on the site it is worth noting that the site is safe to shop and leave your data. But after checking all the reviews we can’t say that is not a scam site. Some of the websites look real but they are not. Before you shop anything from the website it is important for you to check the website manually.

Positive highlights:

  • The website is supposed to be popular by Tranco with a ranking.
  • The website has a valid certificate of SSL
  • The website has been registered for more than one year in advance
  • The website domain is old
  • The  website is safe
  • There is nothing like pushing or malware on the site
  • According to Maltiverse, they have mentioned the website is safe.


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