Wise Market

Wise Market

Wise Market is a market that offers a huge selection of smartphones and other related accessories such as newly launched mobile products so they can provide new products to their customers. So in this market, a number of companies’ mobile phones are available for you. Some of the mobile phones are fresh and new but they also sell refurbished and unlocked phones at a very reasonable price. The company has an experienced and trained staff that is available for the whole day and they are the main of their business. They make it possible that people will get what they are looking for and try their best to get their favorite product in the market. They also provide some other services such as mobile preparation and much more. So customer services is available for you to resolve any issues that you face.

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What we do at Wise Market:

Wise market is working in the whole world and is also serving Pakistan as one of the biggest online mobile phone marketplaces. They offer the facility of used and pre-owned mobile phones. Anyone a buyer or a vendor can join their trade at any time. They aim to provide every device that people are looking for at a reasonable price with the best quality. Sometimes people have some issues and they want to solve these issues they also have a chance to solve their queries within a few minutes.

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Personal Information for Wise Market

Contact Person: Wise Market

Business Details

Type of business: Mobile Phones Seller
Year founded: 2021
The year started activity: 2022
Home-based?: no
Number of Employees: 500
Spoken Languages: English

Who are the top competitors of WiseMarket?

Whenever someone starts their company are number of other companies come into being. Some flourish with excellent speed and came in between the competitors. Some of the top competitors of WiseMarket include Primedia Group, Sandbox, AudioMob, Screenvision Media, and ArabyAds. WiseMarket has 4,022 active competitors.
The list of top 10 competitors of the wise market is as follows. These are ranked by Tracxn scores.
  1. Primedia Group – Sandton-based, 1994 established, Series B company.
  2. Sandbox – Chicago-based, 2014 established, Acquired company.
  3. AudioMob – London-based, 2020 founded, Series A company.
  4. Screenvision Media – New York City-based, 1990-founded, Acquired company.
  5. ArabyAds – Dubai-based, 2013-based, Series A company.
  6. Omnicom Group – New York City-based, 1944 established, Public company.
  7. Omnicom Media Group – New York City-based, 2006-founded, Unfunded company.
  8. The Meet Group – New Hope based, 2005 established, Acquired company.
  9. Xandr – New York City-based, 2018 established, Acquired company.
  10. 2adpro – Bengaluru-based, 2006 established, Series A company.

Wisemarket Review: Legit or Another Scam?

The wise market claims that it will give access to the most accurate market data, notifications, conversions, and tools on a single platform and a new trading platform is known as wise market. The site is famous among the people.

Wisemarket Review:

After finding the complete information about the wise market company profile and customer reviews on the internet we found a number of issues regarding the site. Some of these are as follows.

  • There is no information we found about the founder of the site
  • There a plenty of negative reviews that customer has shared on the internet
  • False claims are also available on the website
  • There is not much content available on the website
  • There is no social media activity shown on the website.

The Wisemarket is full of warning signs, such as a lack of information about its senior executives or operators as to who they are how they are running the company, and much more.

Wise Market is situated in Saint Vincent and Grenadines which is a scammer’s heaven,

On the About page of the website, it is important for them to share almost all the details about the business but on the official website About page, we get only one paragraph that explains the business. There is no social media activity on the page and there are a number of false or negative reviews about the site is also a big issue for the users if they ever think of using it.


Who is the operator of Wisemarket?

You didn’t find much information about who is the operator of the wise market

From where Wisemarket is operating?

Wisemarket is working from Saint Vincent and Grenadines.

Is Wisemarket legit?

After checking the reviews and services of the site it seams that website is not a legitimate website.

Should I use the services of Wisemarket?

If you ever think of using the site you must have to keep in mind the reviews of the people and you must have to keep yourself refrain from using the site.

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