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HQ Trivia| Facts You Didn’t Know

Have you ever listened to the HQ trivia app? Then you must know about it or you already have played the game. The app was created in 2017 and after it the live a lot of people used the app is on the way to success as quickly as its predecessors. The game is among the top trivia games with its daily trivia games. After winning the game they provide the real cash prizes that are divided among the other winners.

In 2018, there was a steady decline in the app’s reputation. In 2020 the CEO of the company announced that there is no more HQ Trivia available for the people. The company has run out of money and they are not able to cover the expenses of the app and they are not able to give prizes to the winners. After announcing the removal of the app he once again announced that he could re-home the app and people could once again play the quizzes.

HQ Trivia is once again available for the uses but what they have decided. To get the complete information about the app read the article below and get the related facts.

Is HQ Trivia Legit?

Yes HQ Trivia is a legal app. In this app, you can play the game and you have a chance to win real prizes. There are a number of the winners of the game and the given amount of the prize is divided among all the winners. In the end, each winner gets only a few cents.

In 2021 some people who were still using the app mentioned that there had been a little glitch in the game. Few months back Rus Yusupov the co-founder of the app also mentioned that he is leaving the post and the new owner of the app may get some new ideas and he will be able to fix these issues.

Can You Play HQ Trivia On the Computer?

The game is available for every device but you are not able to play the game on Mac you can play on Windows PC. If you search a free HQ Trivia Application for Windows there will be no results available or said it is not available for Windows. You can use your phone emulator like  Bluestacks. More on using an emulator to play HQ Trivia here.

Can You Play HQ Trivia in the UK?

When they release the game it is available for some of the common places but the people of Russia and India are not able to play the game. UK players got some special treatment with their own game and hosts. in 2018 when the app was not performing well HQ Trivia UK announced that they would take a break from all that. They didn’t mention their break as how much time they will take a break and much more.

Can You Cheat in HQ Trivia?

As you are solving questions on the internet you are serious about cheating HQ Trivia then you may have a chance to cheat in the game. If you don’t get the answer to the game you will get a lot of articles that provide you with some of the tips and tricks that you have to follow and you can easily get the answer to the question. But we don’t encourage you to cheat in any trivia game.

What Does HQ Trivia Stand For?

The co-founder of the game Rus Yusupov isn’t able to give an official answer about the name of the game. You can imagine the name of the game and what you want it is entirely now up to your imagination. But in some of the rumors that mention that HQ stands for “Hard Questions.” HQ Trivia’s ex-host Scott Rogowski joked about the subject, saying that HQ stands for “Happy Quinceañera.” One Reddit in their article mentions that it stands for Hype Quiz.

Who Were the HQ Trivia UK Hosts?

HQ Trivia UK only has two hosts. Sharon Carpenter was the general host of the game UK. Beric Livingstone is another host of the game and he is British.

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