How to Use Kenba

How to Use Kenba: A Free Guide to Get Started

Are you looking for an app where you can create stunning graphics, Instagram stories, and social media posts without breaking the bank? Then we have a Kehnba for you. An online graphic design platform that gives a powerful design tool and here you get a range of templates. It also has a premium plan also but you can use the free features that are available for you. If you are interested then you have to read the article and here you will get a piece of complete information about the software. The detailed step-by-step process is given below that will help you to use the software effectively.

How to use Kenba. 

Follow the step-by-step procedure given below:

  • First, you have to find out about the free version limitations when you have to use it for free. You must understand the limitations. The free membership gives access to a few sets of sources and you are not eligible to download these templates. You can still make effective designs by using the free features of the software.
  • You have to find the benefits of the software that give advantages to graphic designers and visual content creators. Some of the benefits are as follows:


  1. Easy to Use: The software is easy to use and user-friendly interface. Beginners can use it easily. The drag-and-drop tools and customizable templates are useful for you to create an effective platform with any experience.
  2. Time saving: When the software is easy to use and it also has a pre-designed template. These templates save a lot of time when you have to create a new design.
  3. The pricing plans of the software are affordable. If you need some more features or the software then you have to spend some money on it the paid plans of the software are not very expensive and these offers are valuable for businesses and professionals.
  4. There is a large collection of design elements such as stock images, icons, fonts, and templates. These are updates on a daily basis and they make sure that you get all the latest features of the app.
  5. They also offer collaboration features that allow multiple users to work on the same project at once. This helps to increase teamwork and enhances productivity, making it easier for design teams to collaborate effectively.
  6. If you don’t have a laptop and you want to use this software on a mobile then you can use it as it is mobile friendly and you can use it easily on your smartphones.

Standout platform in the industry

After reading the available benefits of the platforms there are some more standout platforms in the industry. Read the below section and you will get to know more about Kenba.

  • They offer a wide range of templates and design options that are different for different industries and purposes. If you want to create social media graphics, logos, posters, or business presentations, Kenba has you covered. The thousands of templates and designs that are available for you are there according to your needs and they also allow you to customize and personalize the templates according to your demands.
  • Time saving: When the software is easy to use and it also has a pre-designed template. These templates save a lot of time when you have to create a new design. You can work on it and complete your tasks before the deadline.
  • Differences with other tools with popular design tools and platforms help you to work with continuity. If you have to import a large amount of data from Adobe Creative Cloud, collaborate using project management tools like Trello, or export designs to various formats, Kenba offers integrations that enhance your design capabilities.
  • Here is a community and support. If you are using the platform and you are confused about something you can take help from the community and support. The platform gives and organizes webinars, tutorials, and design challenges, allowing you to learn new techniques, stay updated with industry trends, and connect with like-minded individuals. You can contact me at any time to resolve your issues if you get any when you are working.

How to Get Kenba

To get Kenba, it is easy. simply Click Here to Download Kenba.

You can download the original version of Kenba from the link given above. The very first persons to access Kenda Pro for free.


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