EasyGo is a cooperative venture between Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Australia that allows the use of a single electronic toll tag on toll roads, ferries, and bridges in all member countries. The main aim of EasyGo is to encourage the use of OBE for payment when they are driving through any Toll facility. The people will face these issues. They have to tackle the issues when they are on their way through Nothern Europe and Austria.

EasyGo is founded on DSRC 5.8 GHz microwave technology and there is a great difference between these two operators. There are different toll station designs and there is no common EasyGo signage and they all have almost the same features.

The new service is called EasyGo+ and is available to all vehicles above 3.5 tons traveling in Austria, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. They have also announced the use of the same On-board equipment in all the eligible four countries. All new vehicles that have to use the new series have to replace their existing OBEs with the new one.

Overview of EasyGo

In the new OBE more information has been added than the previous one that the authentic EasyGo service. Ensuring full adherence with the European legislation on European Electric Toll Service (EETS). They also have mentioned some different rules and regulations that vary from country to country and tolling system.

The new vehicles that are using the new EasyGo service are also eligible to get a new personalized OBE such as EURO emission category, license plate number, and nationality of the country from which country the vehicle is registered. The OBE also allows the drivers to count the number of axles of the vehicle that will be used for the driver to count the toll fee in Australia.

In the current situation, the people will get the new OBE from the toll service providers in Denmark and Austria. In Denmark, Brobizz A/S will offer the new OBE from November 6th, 2013, while ASFINAG in Austria will allocate the new OBE from 1st January 2014.  This time there are no companies currently offering the new OBE in Norway and Sweden.

Service providers

There are a number of service providers that have announced the EasyGo service. Some of the service providers only support OBEs for one of the services. If you want an OBE to be valid in a toll domain there must be an agreement between the Service Provider and the Toll Domain/Toll Charger.

Service Provider Issued in Valid in
AS24  France  Austria  Denmark Sweden
Axxès  France  Austria Denmark Sweden
BroBizz A/S  Denmark  Austria Denmark Sweden
DKV Euro Service GmbH & Co KG  Germany  Austria Denmark Sweden
Eurotoll SAS  France  Austria Denmark Sweden
Fremtind Service AS  Norway  Denmark Sweden
Toll4Europe GmbH  Germany  Austria
ØresundPay  Sweden  Denmark Sweden
SkyttelPASS AS  Norway  Denmark Sweden
TELEPASS SPA  Italy  Austria Denmark Sweden
Tolltickets GmbH  Germany  Austria Sweden
W.A.G payment solutions, a.s.   Switzerland  Austria
Flyt AS  Norway  Denmark Sweden


The EasyGo Joint Venture comprises of the following parties:

How do you pay on EasyGo?

The EV drivers who have to pay their once-off transaction visa through the EasyGo app have to pay on the Go option. They can pay for the charging session using a debit/credit card.

Who are the investors in EasyGo?

EasyGo is supported by 2 investors. RC Asia Pacific and Four Seas Group are the most current investors.

Contact Information

If you have to contact the EasyGo services then you have to contact easygo-sekretariat@sbf.dk

  • Sund & Bælt Holding A/S
  • 1601 Copenhagen V
  • Denmark
  • Company no. 15694688


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